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The Answer From The Amazon
#1 Cause tied to 99% of Diseases
Antioxidant Effects Animation Video
Simple Solution in Prevention
Acai Berry Antioxidants Quantified

Açaí Berry Benefits Uncovered
Açaí: Only 'Complete' Superfood?
Increases Energy & Endurance
Açaí  Antioxidant Protection - #1
Powerful Natural Anti-Inflammatory
Focus & Mental Clarity
Strengthens Immunes System
Acai Anti-Aging Effects
Heart Health - 30x Red Wine
Cholesterol Lowering Properties

Top Doctors Tout Açaí Berry
Dr. Nicholas Perricone
Dr. Mehemet Oz
Dr. Alexander G. Schauss
Dr. Hugo Rodier
Dr. Lou Niles
Dr. Stephen Talcott
Dr. Michael Callaway
Dr. Edward H. Szachowicz
Dr. Mike Kennedy
Dr. Farid Zarif
Dr. Mayfield
Dr. Robert Berman
Dr. Ralph Carson
Dr. Mike Cirigliano
Dr. Andrea Pennington
Dr. Lyle Mason
Dr. Roger Rinn
Dr. Mindy Pelz-Hall
Dr. Jose Allongo
Dr. Susanne Talcott
Dr. Katherine Crafton
Dr. Jose Vazquez Tanus
Dr. Shalini Gupta
Dr. Scott Crafton
Dr. Pam Fowers
Dr. Julian Whitaker
Dr. Fred Liebowitz
Dr. David Miller
Dr. Craig Mueller
Dr. Doris Day
Dr. Steven Warren
Dr. Barnet Meltzer

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Acai Berry in the News
Oprah Show touts Acai Berry #1
Dr Perricone names Acai Berry #1
Dr Oz on Oprah - Acai Tops List
The doctors Show features Acai
FOX - "It's Really Life in a Bottle"
Rachael Ray Show Feature
UF - Destroys Cancer Cells in Lab
All Acai Media Coverage Indexed

Acai Berry in TV News - Replay

Top Immune-Boosting Superfoods

Science Corner: The Acai Berry
Acai Berry ORAC comparisons
Acai Processing Methods Study
Freeze Dried Acai Benefits

Acai / Fruit in Medical Journals

Energy is the Currency of Life
Hybrid Energy Drink Emergence
Top Energy-Giving Superfoods

Your Acai Berry Juice Stories
Reader Submitted Testimonials




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